Windows Live Mail: Features, Issues, Password Management

Get Acquainted With Windows Live Mail

Few Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Windows Live Mail

The first version of Windows Live Mail, introduced by Microsoft, in November 2007, has been modified multiple numbers of times. It is popularly known as Windows Live Mail Desktop. You can easily download it by making the use of Windows Essentials Suite. However, this email client offers a comprehensive assortment of features to its users.

Top 10 features of Windows Live Mail

  1. Presented in several layouts, colors, and toolbars
  2. Quickest email sending facility
  3. Comes in classic look
  4. Blessed with spell check facility
  5. Its drag-and-drop action to help organize e-mails
  6. Fascinated with advanced blockers to guard the unauthentic users
  7. Quick folder management
  8. Quick printing of emails
  9. Automatic address completion
  10. High-end calendar functions

Top 10 Issues Faced by Windows Live Mail Users

  1. How do I add an auto-signature in Windows Live?
  2. How do I configure Windows Live Instant Messaging Security?
  3. How do I reset my Windows Live Mail password?
  4. Can Windows Live e-mails be taxed?
  5. How do I send text messages through Windows Computer?
  6. How do I organize emails by utilizing the files function?
  7. How Instant Messaging Security Works
  8. IM and E-mail: Which one is more popular and why?
  9. How do I recover my Windows Live Mail password?
  10. Can I improve my account security anytime?

How Do I Recover My Windows Live Mail password?

You can easily recover your Windows Live Mail password; it takes 10 minutes in maximum. To do that, you need to launchWindows Live. Once it has launched on your computer, you are supposed to visit the left pane. Here you will find yourEmail Account which is considered to be clicked; make a right-click. Go to the drop down menu now and choose the Properties option. For going forward, you will have to click on the Server icon. Windows Live Client remembers your email password; it is an extra feature offered by this email client. A sequence of the asterisk (***) characters will appear in the password box. However, the built-in Asterisk Password Recovery Tool will appear on your computer screen. In this stage, you need to Run the Password Recovery Tool. Just press the Start Recovery button. Also, select the Asterisk Password icon. Your password will be revealed to you instantly. This is the complete process of windows live password recovery.

How Do I Reset My Windows Live Mail password?

Yes, you can reset your Windows Live Mail password; it is a challenging job. But you can make it easier. To do that instantly, you will need to install the Password Recovery Tool (download it, it has not downloaded yet). Obviously, you are supposed to run it. The Start Recovery link will be in front of your eyes. Once you click on it, the resetting process will begin. So to get the list of Supported Password Types, you are recommended to visit the drop-down list. Select the select the Windows Live Mail Password here. Once it is selected, the tool will start working. Within a minute or two, it will search the stored password and present to you. For windows live mail password reset, your job is to reset it now.